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Zazen Practice Room

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This is a place to write about your Zazen practice. I'm beginnermind, and I started this community to help in the struggle to support my own practice. Feel free to join and talk about your practice, or ask about mine. Keep in mind that I'm no Zen Master; I'm just struggling to support my practice, and this is what comes of it.

People sharing and chatting intellectually about koans, kong-ans, Zen stories; looking for dharma combat; looking in any way to talk about things unrelated to the practice of Zazen, well, all that's fine, but please do it elsewhere. There are other communities more appropriate for these, so off topic entries may be deleted at my discretion, and people insisting on acting divisively may be regretfully ejected.

Yes, I tend to the Soto, and Shikantaza; I'm quite willing to hear about koan zazen from those who do this practice (just not a lot of intellectual discussion of what koans mean ... if you're doing koan zazen practice, you shouldn't be doing this anyways!), as long as you're willing to hear me talk about Zazen as "just sitting". I think it's possible we can get along.

WELCOME! Truly, you are welcome. I regret the need for these formalities; I hope they make things run more smoothly, with a minimum of surprises.

An effort will be made to categorize some representative posts discussing the how-to of Zazen here for your convenience. This doesn't mean you shouldn't feel free to ask questions, that the content of these posts is anything but a discussion, or that these posts are in any way considered required reading. Also, Zen Mountain Monastery has a great introduction to zazen practice at http://www.mro.org/zmm/meditation/index.html as of this writing. I have no affiliation with Zen Mountain or the MRO or anything, personally, but it's a nice enough introduction. Also, as I seem to say often enough online, http://www.do-not-zzz.com is fun.:)

If you feel this community isn't for you at this time, or for other similar topics:
zen_buddhists Zen Buddhists and interested.
zen_within More inclusive of practices other than Zazen.
buddhists The most popular, and so central, Buddhist community on LJ.

Take care!

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