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arkasis in zazen_practice


So, Todd bequeathed the maintenance of this community to me. The last posts in this community were about whether to keep it or throw it aside. I haven't seen a post since November, so I am assuming people would prefer it to go defunct.
Please chime in as to what you think should become of this community. I see that a number of people watch it, are members of it, etc. Let me know what you think, if anything. What have you found valuable in the community in the past, what could it be used for in the future?


Thankyou for asking. A lot of the posts, which I had to look through as I couldn't remember any of them, seemed interesting. I don't have an opinion as to what should happen in the future, as long as the community continues, even if silently for years. If you're considering it, or ever do, please don't delete the community. Even if you delete your own journal. I've seen that happen with too many communities and it can be as damaging as a library burning down. I maintain, along with a couple of others, another Buddhist community and it can be silent for decades for all I care.
I think it is worthwhile to keep the community regardless of the duration between posts.

I have been practicing zazen off and on (the zafu, ha) for almost 20 years. I am going through a period of not sitting, and no longer have a teacher. (there are many reasons for this, and the loss of her almost broke my heart and has caused me to really pause and think about what I was doing.) But this is the only ZAZEN PRACTICE community I have found that isn't smug in it's zennishness...

May 2008

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